These are the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) for this site. They also include how to use the site at EyeLoveLocalFreebies. It is continually being updated and as more questions are asked they will be included in this list.

When Will I Receive My Free Item?

At eyelovelocal.co.uk, unless it’s otherwise stated in the item description, we aren’t the ones that are responsible for sending items out. Our job is to find items that state they are for free and provide the link for you so that you can find out more about the item you’re seeking. We’re simply an aggregator of the free stuff from across the web. We find it, link it and you are the one that gets to enjoy it. If you have questions regarding the fulfillment of the items please contact the site that you found it on directly.

Why Isn’t This Site Updated More Frequently?

At Eye Love Local Freebies, we update our site 365 days per year. Freebies come and go quickly so it is always possible that when you find an item, it’s already gone. If you do find something that is already gone, please post in our comments for that item that it’s no longer available and we’ll update our page to reflect this information as soon as possible.

Why Aren’t Expired Freebies Deleted?

It takes up a lot of valuable time to do the research and find freebies. However, just because something is expired today doesn’t mean that it won’t be available tomorrow. This is often the case. If an item is again available it will be much easier to update it if we already have it all setup. We do have an “expired freebies” category that we put the expires in as well. We also clearly mark those freebies that we know to be expired.

How Do I Get My Free Stuff?

In each category on the site, you’ll see a link to the freebie. Typically we place this at the top of the post for you so you can easily find it. It will take you directly to the page where the freebie is available. Just click the link and you’ll be there. It’s that simple. Remember, we’re just the go-between, we cannot get the freebie for you, we simply list the link for ease of location for you.

Did You Know?

You can always find the five most recent freebies at the top of the page where we list “Featured Freebies”. Simply click on the black bar and you can peruse them all.