Free Sample of Lacostes Rouge Fragrance

Fashion heavyweight, Lacoste are giving away free samples of their new fragrance, Rouge. This is a really easy freebie to get your hands on , just click the image below to go to their site, then fill in the short form to get your free sample. There is a a video of their current TV ad if you want to watch that, or just go straight to the form by clicking “order sample” at the bottom of the page.

Free Sample of Perfecta Facewash from Clearasil

Clearasil have 5,000 samples of their Perfecta Facewash to give away. Perfecta facewash helps keeps pores clean and reduces the appearance of dreaded spots. Go to their Facebook page and click like which will take you to another page where, under the video you will find the link to click to claim your free sample! The whole process only takes a minite or two max, but you have to be a Facebook member to redeem the freebie.

Free Sample of Superfruit Baobob Powder

Never heard of the Baobob Tree ?, well, it produces the Baobob Fruit which is jam packed with goodness. Minvita are giving away free samples of this super fruit in powder form. This allows you to add it to yoghurts, smoothies, cereals, virtually anything you like, to instantly add superfruit goodness as it is high in antioxidents and vitamin C. Just go to the page to fill in the form to get your free sample.

Free Tanning Wipes

This summer has been a total washout so there hasnt been much of a chance to top up your tan. Well, this freebie could be just the answer, Tan-Tone UK are giving away free Tanning Wipes, they are so easy to use, all you do is wipe yourself all over and hey presto! you have a golden tan. To get your hands on these great wipes, simply go to their Facebook page, message them with your name and address and they send you your free Tanning Wipes, you can get 30% off their products too with their coupons.